Door Handle Trends in 2018

The concept of door handles sounds so simple – you just turn or pull them and then open the door. Door handles though, play a fairly important part in the overall look and feel of not just the doors or rooms, but also the buildings themselves. This is why you should spend almost as much time on choosing the right door handles as the actual doors.

If you are in the market for new door handles and are not sure what would work best, check out the door trends of 2018 below. At AFL Birmingham there are a wide variety of different door handles available, that are stylish and trendy and will fit in with whatever decor you currently have or are planning, regardless if it is for your own home or your business premises.

Stainless Steel Hollow Section Lever

Stainless steel is used in door handles because of its robustness and clean, elegant look. The stainless steel hollow section lever is a classic design with great functionality. Beyond the straightforward bar style, there are different interesting and eye-catching variations such as the wavy design of the QL113 or the diamond-look QL116.


Door Handle trends 2018

Wood Section Lever

Although stainless steel is probably the most popular material for door handles, and with good reason, it often does not look as visually appealing as wood. For something that is both tactile and visually appealing, wood section levers such as the QW128 and QW130 are perfect. The functional and robust stainless steel is enhanced by the addition of the attractive wood coating.

Stainless Steel Pull Handles

Pull handles are a very traditional type of handle to go with. If you are looking for something with the same functionality, that has a more cutting-edge and modern look, consider the circular design QPH416 or the right-angled QPH411. It is important to use stainless steel in pull handles because of regular use, they have to be able to handle considerable pressure.

Stainless Steel Investment Cast

If however, you are looking for something with that classic look, but that will last longer than the average door handle, there are plenty in this section to consider. Such as the sturdy QI305 or the beautifully curved QI309.

The handles highlighted above merely scratch the surface of what is available from AFL Birmingham. Whether you are looking to refurnish your doors or are having new doors installed into your property, we are sure you will find the right handles at AFL Birmingham.
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